Circle of Stitches

Purveyors of fine yarns and witchy goods

Sit and Knit Guidelines

Everyone is welcome at Circle of Stitches, regardless of race, cultural background, nationality, religion, disability, gender expression and/or identity, sexual orientation, etc. Please respect our environment of acceptance while you are here.

We are happy to provide a seating area for our patrons. If you are not a patron of our shop and are looking for a place to hang out, we suggest Jaho, a lovely coffee shop around the corner from us. 

Please keep in mind that Circle of Stitches is a place of business, as well as a place for community. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here. We request that everyone make an effort to keep conversations positive, lighthearted, inclusive, and family-friendly. 

Please under no circumstances criticize another person's project. We have a zero tolerance policy for this. 

Thank you for your cooperation and help in making Circle of Stitches a comfortable and welcoming place. 

In the unfortunate case that we have an attendee who is not respecting our guidelines, or making other attendees feel uncomfortable, we reserve the right to ask them to leave. This decision will be made at the sole discretion of management.  

A note about Sip n' Stitch

Sip n' Stitch is a social gathering for our patrons, a chance for us to craft together and share in stories and laughter. We will not serve any beverages at our Sip n' Stitch, but you are welcome to bring your own. Please limit this to wine, beer, cider, or other non-hard liquor. The operative word is "sip," so please consume responsibly. The goal is to have a fun, casual night of knitting. For everyone's safety, if we see anyone over-indulging, we will gently remind them of this. Thank you for your cooperation.  

While we do not require attendees to work only with yarn purchased at Circle of Stitches, we do appreciate it. After all, your support is what keeps us going!